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    Why You Should Sell Gift Cards in Your Restaurant (and How to Do It)

    Gift cards are a great way to bring loyal customers back and new customers to your restaurant. They can give your establishment a more organized and professional feel while still keeping costs manageable. Your customers will love giving the gift of a meal from your restaurant!

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    The Top 5 Ways You Can Make Your Takeout Stand Out

    In today's climate, takeout is a majorly important part of the restaurant business. Some people can dine-in right now, but most people are choosing takeout and delivery as their preferred method of getting food. How can you set your restaurant apart in this market of restaurants? Here are 5 simple tips. View Post
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    3 Easy Ways You Can Promote Customer Loyalty

    Customer loyalty is like gold for restaurants. Returning customers spend up to 67% more on average than new customers (according to HubSpot). If you give your customers the incentive to come back, your business is sure to thrive. Here are 3 Easy Ways You Can Promote Customer Loyalty! View Post
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    What is Bagasse and Why Use It?

    Bagasse is a strong and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional disposable materials. It's stronger than paperboard, more versatile than styrofoam, and more eco friendly than plastic. Make the switch today! Your customers will love it. View Post
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    Vented VS Non-Vented: Which Container is Best?

    Take-out and delivery are an integral part of the restaurant business. If you don't package your food in the right container, you can risk compromising your food. Your fries can get soggy or your ice cream can be freezer burned. Using the right container makes all the difference. These guidelines can help you find the best container for your business. View Post