3 Ways You Can Write the Best Restaurant Slogan

"Finger-lickin' good," "Have it your way," and "Think outside the bun." All classic and recognizable restaurant slogans with three things in common: they're snappy, relatable, and distinctive. Here's how you can make a great slogan using those three things.

1. Snappy

Restaurant, 3 Ways You Can Write the Best Restaurant Slogan

A good slogan is one that your customers will remember. That's why you should keep your slogan snappy: short enough to remember (less than ten words) and easy to say. "I'm lovin' it" is a great slogan because it's short and memorable. It's snappy.

2. Relatable

Table, 3 Ways You Can Write the Best Restaurant Slogan

Your slogan, much like your logo and other branding, should be targeted at your customers. Consider who your ideal customer is and what they would relate to. Maybe even ask your customers and staff their thoughts about a slogan. Whatever you choose should be something that makes sense to your customers.

3. Distinctive

Transaction, 3 Ways You Can Write the Best Restaurant Slogan

A generic slogan like "we sell good food" doesn't provide any information about your business. Something like "We have the meats" is a good slogan because it provides information (Arby's sells meat) while still being snappy and relatable to the customer. Your slogan should be distinctive rather than generic so your customers will remember it and associate it with your business.

If you aren't inspired by these three things, open up your brainstorming! Ask your staff and customers what they think. You can even make it a contest! Another great thing about slogans is they're not permanent -- you can change it at any time. If your slogan doesn't feel right to you, you can easily change it!

Having a slogan for your restaurant is a great way to have a more recognizable brand. Your customers will think of you when they hear your slogan. It's definitely worth your time to consider giving your restaurant a slogan.

What's your favorite restaurant slogan? Tell us in the comments, we love hearing from you!