How to Clean Your Deep Fryer

Deep fryers are a staple in many restaurants. They're versatile and easy to use. Because they're used for many different foods, deep fryers tend to get dirty quickly. If you don't clean your deep fryer regularly, your food may have a harder time cooking properly or tasting right. Here's a fool-proof way to clean your deep fryer!

1. Drain Your Oil

How to Clean Your Deep Fryer

To clean your deep fryer correctly, you need to start by draining your oil. Safely discard it in an oil caddy. Make sure to do this while your oil is cold.

2. Remove Debris

Frying, How to Clean Your Deep Fryer

Use a fryer cleaning rod to remove any remaining debris from the drainage line. Make sure you don't have anything blocking your drainage.

3. Rinse

Rinse your deep fryer with hot water to remove any excess oil and fat.

4. Fill it

Deep Fryer, How to Clean Your Deep Fryer

Fill your fryer with cool water. Don't fill it all the way to the top, just within 5". Add the proper amount of deep fryer cleaning solution (follow the bottle's instructions).

5. Boil Slowly

Bring your cool water to a slow boil for a full twenty minutes. Then, allow it to drain completely.

6. Scrub and Rinse

Potato Wedges, How to Clean Your Deep Fryer

Use a nice scrubbing brush to scrub the inside of your deep fryer until it's completely clean. Rinse it thoroughly with water. You're now free to add your new oil.

Cleaning your deep fryer is incredibly important. It can be a daunting task. If you follow these simple steps, you're sure to keep your fryer well-maintained.