Should You Be Offering Your Full Menu for Delivery?

Delivery is quickly becoming the main way people prefer to get food. Some restaurants are offering their full menu for delivery while some have chosen to only offer a partial menu. If your restaurant is starting to offer delivery, you'll need to consider each menu item and decide if you want to offer to deliver it. Here's a simple guide to help!

What to Consider

Much like cleaning out your closet, deciding what to deliver from your restaurant requires you to examine each item. Go through your whole menu and consider these three things.

1. Will it get soggy?

Fish and Chips, Should You Be Offering Your Full Menu for Delivery?

Food being delivered may be sitting in a box or bag for close to an hour before being eaten. Crispy foods tend to get soggy after sitting. If your menu has a lot of crispy and fried foods, consider testing how they taste after sitting in a box for a while. If you still enjoy your food, it'll work for delivery!

Here's a great vented container to help crispy food stay crispy!

2. Will it get cold?

Food in Bags, Should You Be Offering Your Full Menu for Delivery?

Some foods will change as they cool down. Many butter and cream-based sauces will lose their emulsion and take on a different texture as they get cold. If you have items on your menu that are served hot, test them like you did your crispy food: allow them to sit and then try them. You may also consider testing how they handle being reheated in a microwave or oven. Write out the best reheating method to be delivered with the food.

Try this oven-safe foil pan for hot foods. 

3. Will it melt?

Pink Ice Cream Cup, Should You Be Offering Your Full Menu for Delivery?

With many ice cream shops only open for drive-thru and delivery, there are fewer ways for people to satisfy their ice cream cravings. Ice cream is a more unconventional delivery menu item because it's prone to melting. There's an easy remedy for this: dry ice! If you're worried about delivering ice cream, read this article about transporting it with dry ice. If you don't have access to dry ice or a cooler, ice cream or other melting-prone things may not be the best for delivery.

Try these paper take out cups for your cold foods.

Delivery is a great way to get your food to your customers when they can't come to you. When considering what to offer for delivery, you'll need to ask yourself the three questions above. After testing these things out, we're sure you'll have the best possible delivery menu!