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    3 Ways You Can Write the Best Restaurant Slogan

    "Finger-lickin' good," "Have it your way," and "Think outside the bun." All classic and recognizable restaurant slogans with three things in common: they're snappy, relatable, and distinctive. Here's how you can make a great slogan using those three things. View Post
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    7 Events You Should Host at Your Restaurant

    Restaurant events are a great way to bring in new business and foster customer loyalty. Your customers aren't just coming in for your food, they're coming in to have a good time. Here are some fun events you can host in your restaurant! View Post
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    5 Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Restaurant Sales During the Week

    Every restaurant knows that weekends are the time you'll make the most sales and bring in the most customers. You don't need to neglect the weekdays in favor of weekends. You can still make money during the week! Here are 5 easy ways you can improve your restaurant sales during the week. 1. Offer... View Post
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    How to Clean Your Deep Fryer

    Deep fryers are a staple in many restaurants. They're versatile and easy to use. Because they're used for many different foods, deep fryers tend to get dirty quickly. If you don't clean your deep fryer regularly, your food may have a harder time cooking properly or tasting right. Here's a fool-proof way to clean your deep fryer! View Post
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    Should You Be Offering Your Full Menu for Delivery?

    Delivery is quickly becoming the main way people prefer to get food. Some restaurants are offering their full menu for delivery while some have chosen to only offer a partial menu. If your restaurant is starting to offer delivery, you'll need to consider each menu item and decide if you want to offer to deliver it. Here's a simple guide to help! View Post
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    5 Things You Can Use Take-Out Cups For

    Take-out cups are a great thing to utilize in your restaurant. Unlike take-out boxes, take-out cups come in a myriad of fun colors and patterns. They're round, making them the perfect solution for dishes that aren't quite fit for square and rectangular boxes. If you've been wondering what you can use take-out cups for, we've compiled a handy list to help clear it up! View Post