What is Bagasse and Why Use It?

You may have noticed a new trend in eco friendly packaging called bagasse. It looks like cardboard mixed with styrofoam or paper that hasn't quite been processed yet. Surprisingly, it's neither of those things -- it's sugarcane byproduct! It's more sustainable and more durable than paperboard, styrofoam, or plastic.

What is Bagasse?

It's Sugarcane Byproduct

Bagasse Paper, What is Bagasse and Why Use It?

Sugarcane is a common material in a lot of tropical climates. Once the sugar is extracted, what's left is bagasse. Originally, this versatile product was used for building. Its ability to dry solid and its availability made it a majorly desirable material. Recently, it's been used as an alternative to cardboard and plastic for many different containers

Tree-Free Paper

Because it's a byproduct of sugarcane, there's no additional cultivation. All the sugarcane is harvested for sugar, not just bagasse. Traditional paper is made by cutting down trees and only using them for paper. Using bagasse means that you're lessening the number of trees used for paper and shrinking your carbon footprint.

Bagasse Drink Tray, What is Bagasse and Why Use It?

Why Use Bagasse?

It's Eco Friendly

Bagasse is made from what some consider to be garbage. It's more sustainable because it's repurposing what would otherwise be thrown out and wasted. By using bagasse, you're reducing waste! Bagasse is natural, waste-free, and eco friendly -- perfect for your business. In commercial composting conditions, it fully breaks down in 45-60 days. In home composting conditions, it will fully break down within 100 days. Paper and eco plastic both take much longer and sometimes don't fully break down. Using bagasse reduces your carbon footprint and your waste!

Bagasse Egg Carton, What is Bagasse and Why Use It?

It's Durable and Versatile

Bagasse is more durable than paperboard, styrofoam, and plastic. It's grease-resistant, tear-resistant, and safe with both heat and cold. You can store food in the freezer without risk of the container losing integrity. Alongside that, it's microwave safe! Bagasse containers can handle any food.

Bagasse is a strong and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional disposable materials. It's stronger than paperboard, more versatile than styrofoam, and more eco friendly than plastic. Make the switch today! Your customers will love it.