Do we offer Returns? YES!

If any product does not fit your needs please follow the instructions below. Our philosophy is: Keep it Simple, Clear and Easy. We are human too, we return stuff as well, sometimes things worries.


So you want to return a product, well let's get on with it:

Step 1: Here are a few things to make sure of before contacting us about your return:

Are any of the sleeves or plastic bags opened? Opening the cardboard box is ok, however, opening any of the inner sleeves or plastic bags inside the case, unfortunately, makes the product unsellable. As you can imagine our products are carefully packaged and sealed in food-safe sleeves and bags and then carefully packaged in cardboard boxes for additional protection. So if you have opened a sleeve or bag inside the case, unfortunately, we cannot resell the product. If the returned product appears opened after inspection then we cannot refund.

Has it been 30 days since your order date? It is our humble opinion that 30 days to inspect and determine if the product meets your needs is adequate time. If it has been 30 days or more since the date you ordered the product (based on Order # and Order Date) darn it we will not be able to accept the return.

Step 2: If you meet both criteria above please give us a Call or Email a Member of our Award-Winning Customer Solutions Team at 480-428-1999, or, to begin the return process.

As with all things we need a reason! What's yours?

  • Accidental Order
  • Better Price Elsewhere 
  • The Shipping Box Isn’t Damaged But the Item is Damaged
  • The Shipping Box and the Item are Both Damaged
  • Wrong Item Was Sent
  • Defective/Does Not Work Properly
  • Arrived in Addition to What Was Ordered
  • No Longer Needed/Wanted
  • Unauthorized Purchase
  • Description on the Website Was Not Accurate
  • Other?
Step 3: The Awesome Customer Solutions Team will assist you in returning the product to one of our warehouses If your product is defective or you received the wrong item, the team member assisting with your return will ask you for a picture or a video of the product in your order. We ask for this because we like to document the situation in our company so that we can properly handle the situation to ensure it never happens to you or any of our other customers in the future.

    Step 4: The Fabulous Customer Solutions Team will track your package and once received back to our return address, a confirmation will be sent via email and a refund will be issued.

    Step 5: A Refund will be issued based on the product price minus a 10% restocking fee. Once a refund is issued it takes ~ 5-7 business days for the refund to be complete. Trust us it cost more than 10% to restock (gas, wages, taxes, etc).

    Some Things to Note about our Return Process:

    1. If the reason for the return is determined to be our fault then we will absolutely pay for the return shipping and refund the full amount of the product.
    2. If the reason for the return is determined to be the customer's fault then the shipping of the product to us will be at the customer's expense. Of course, the customer always has the option of keeping the product and using them at home, church, or the local school.
    As always - if you have any questions or need assistance please call or email us at 480-428-1999, or