• 11" x 8 1/2" x 3" Black Plastic Hinged Container

11" x 8 1/2" x 3" Black Plastic Hinged Container

  • $125.64

Introducing our Black Plastic Hinged Container! Perfect for take-out.


These containers are the perfect size for any dish. They’re made with your store in mind. With easy stacking and storage, these plastic containers are a no-brainer. Alongside that, the lids are equipped with steam vents to help expel fog and avoid condensation. The hinge is made to help the lid easily tear from the container. They’re easy to use, durable, and perfect for any dish.


With heat resistance up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit and crack-resistant polypropylene plastic, these containers are incredibly durable and strong. They’re microwave safe, so your customers don’t have to worry about contaminating their food with melted plastic. 


Perfectly fitted for any meal, these containers are made to be used in your restaurant. With both heat and cold resistance, you can use these for anything. Try it with pasta dishes or big salads. These containers easily do exactly what you need them to.

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Overall Dimensions:

Length: 11"

Width: 8 1/2"

Height: 3 3/8"

Capacity: 48 oz.

SKU: DS-WS-126343523183