• 9" Round Foil Take-Out Pan with Lid
  • 9" Round Foil Take-Out Pan with Lid

9" Round Foil Take-Out Pan with Lid

  • $69.64

Introducing our 9” Round Foil Takeout Container! Perfect for any meal.


Made from 25 gauge aluminum foil, these take-out containers are incredibly strong. They’re food-safe and durable -- perfect for your restaurant. Alongside that, these containers are both freezer and oven safe. You can use these for anything you need.


The shape of these containers gives them the unique ability to be stacked with or without the lid. This gives you more freedom to organize and save space. The lids are made from strong foil-laminated paper board. Your customers will love how convenient these containers are.


Because they’re oven-safe, these containers are perfect for casseroles, burritos, or even hot sandwiches. Really, these containers work for everything! You can deliver any of your delicious food in these foil containers. They work great for anything you can serve.

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Diameter: 9 1/16"

Inside Diameter: 8 1/2"

Bottom Diameter: 7 9/16"

Height: 1 3/4"

Capacity: 46.2 fl. oz

SKU: DS-WS-433RCL478