• UNIQ 6 oz Green Eco-Friendly Compostable Take Out Cups

UNIQ 6 oz Green Eco-Friendly Compostable Take Out Cups

  • $29.64

These eco-friendly and 100% Compostable Take Out Containers are the best way to enjoy your food on the go and feel great about it too. They are printed with soy ink, which is just as eco-friendly as the paper it is printed on, but still has a very vibrant and colorful matte finish. We set out to offer what customers wanted and what our beautiful planet needed. A truly compostable take out container that is COLORFUL and does not display our brand or design all over it. This cup just shouts, "Earth, I am here to save you!” and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

A Perfect Take Out Option

These 6 oz Eco-Friendly Compostable Take Out Containers together with our 6/8 oz Flat Lids, 6/8 oz Pretty Perfect Paper Lids, and 6/8 oz Dome Lids are perfect for any take out order. They can be used perfectly as a take out container for delivery, curbside pickup, drive thru, or customers on the go. With plenty of designs to choose from this is a great option to make your business or event stand out. You can now deliver curbside to your customers in seconds and allow for a convenient option for all customers with these to go containers.​​​


These amazing cups are 6 oz. The top rim is 3.70 inches in diameter, the bottom rim is 3.14 Inches in diameter and is 1.99 Inches tall.


Quantity - Full Case is 1,000 Cups. Can Order Smaller Amounts

Made with Compostable Paper - Soy Ink - PLA Coating

Case Dimensions - 19.50" x 16.25" x 19.00"

Case Weight - 14.80 lbs